About Me

I am a Sydney-based Japanese visual artist. Since I started making pottery as an apprentice under my master about 22 years ago, I have developed my skills and techniques, not only in ceramics but in art more broadly.


One of my reasons for coming to Sydney 3 years ago was to expand my world-view as an artist. 

Through personal experience, I have come to believe that art is not only a joyful expression of creativity, but it has great power to strengthen and embolden us to overcome adversity and live our best lives.

That is why I want to share my skills and techniques in my workshops to help people looking to find their own artistic vision.





Key Skills

・Ceramics and Pottery (functional & sculptural) ・Kintsugi 

・Painting on ceramics (under and over glaze)    ・Painting  ・Drawing 

・Printmaking  ・Graphic design

Education of Art

2018    TAFE NSW-Northern Sydney, Meadowbank Campus — Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (including Ceramics courses in Hornsby Campus) 

2017    TAFE NSW-Northern Sydney, Meadowbank Campus — Diploma of Visual Art (including Ceramics  courses in Hornsby Campus)

2009    Saga University, Saga Japan — Credit of Digital Contents Creator with Graphic Design

2008    Arita College of Ceramics, Saga Japan — Certificate of Painting on Ceramic

2007    Imari Ceramics School (Imari Vocational Education and Training)  — Completion of Painting on Ceramics, Saga Japan

1995-1998  Tutoring studying of pottery under the master of potter - Keikō Konishi, Akashi Japan. 

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Selected Group Exhibition

2018    Sustainable Waste to Art Prize, Sydney

2018    Re-magine Art Prize, Sydney

2017    Awagami International Miniature Printmaking Exhibition, Tokushima Japan

2013    Oya kara Ko heno Utsuwa ten Exhibition, Tokyo Ginza Mitsukoshi Japan

2013    Ninin ten Exhibition, Osaka Umeda Hankyu Japan

2012    Seiya no Cha-Girl New York he Iku Exhibition, Tokyo Isetan Shinjyuku Japan

2011    The prize of 41st Nagasaki Ceramic Competition, Nagasaki Japan

2007    The prize of 37th Nagasaki Ceramic Competition, Nagasaki Japan

2007    Hasami Ceramic Art Meshiwan Grand Prix Exhibition, Nagasaki Japan

2007    Arita College of Ceramics Competition, Saga Japan

Awards and prizes

2018    Sustainable Waste to Art Prize/finalist

2018    Re-magine Art Prize/finalist

2017    Awagami International Miniature Printmaking Exhibition / Honorable Mention

2011    The prize of 41st Nagasaki Ceramic Competition / Honorable Mention

2009    Saga University Digital Contents Creator Competition / Regional Contribution Award

2007    The prize of 37th Nagasaki Ceramic Competition / Honorable Mention 

2007    Hasami Ceramic Art Meshiwan Grand Prix Exhibition / 3 awards in this competition: 1.Porcelain Section Higherst Award, 2. The Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture award, 3. Honorable Mention

2007    Arita College of Ceramics Competition /

9 awards in this competition :1.The Tokōkai Award, 2. Kinemon Touen Inc. Award, 3, Ogata Touen Ltd. Award, 4. Tokunaga Toujiki Inc. Award, 5, Hirakawa Seitousyo Ltd. Award, 6. Denpei Gama Ltd. Award, 7.Marubun Inc. Award 8, Shinohara Kaizan Ltd.Award / 9, Kawatake Touki Inc. Award

Group Exhibition

2018    Advance Diploma of Visual Arts, TAFE Meadowbank Campus

2018    Hornsby TAFE Ceramics

2018    Thirsty None - A Works on Paper & Sculpture, Balmain Watch House

2018    The Thirsty Beast - The Sydney Gallery School Open Studio Printmakers, Balmain Watch House

2017    Diploma of Visual Arts, TAFE Meadowbank Campus

2017    Hornsby TAFE Ceramics

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